Proper SEO is crucial to the success of your Shopify store. Don't waste time being lost in the shuffle

We have set up SEO on Shopify sites for the last 5 years to help them place higher in Google search results. It's vital that your Shopify store has quality SEO on your homepage, all relevant pages, collections and products.

What we can do with SEO

We can provide just about every search engine optimization service you will need. We can set up everything from the basic Shopify-required SEO to major ongoing monthly SEO services.

  • Full site SEO

    We can set up your entire Shopify site to be SEO compliant for proper crawling, keywords, in-linking, SERPs and ranking

  • Collections SEO

    Meta titles, meta descriptions and custom SEO paragraphs with in-linking to get traffic moving in the right direction

  • Products SEO

    Product title approaches, meta titles, meta descriptions and custom SEO product descriptions for perfect placement

  • SEO paragraphs

    Search engines like to have a lot of text to work with. We can create keyword-focused SEO paragraphs for pages, collections, home and more

  • Local SEO

    We can generate lots of local city sales traffic to your Shopify store and local brick and mortar location

  • Image SEO

    Search engine image searches can work for getting sales, so having images optimized to be crawled is an awesome method of free organic traffic

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