A More Powerful, Approachable Shopify Admin Experience

A More Powerful, Approachable Shopify Admin Experience

The Shopify admin is mission control for every merchant on the platform. From first sales to flash sales, finances to fulfilment, it's the tool that millions of merchants rely on to monitor, manage, and grow their businesses every day.

We take that responsibility seriously. Which is why we're always working to make the Shopify admin better so that you can run your business the way you want to, not the way you have to.

We've made some improvements to the admin that make it easier than ever to scale your business without scaling your workload. We've worked hard to create more capability without more complexity. So now merchants can integrate more apps, delegate to more staff accounts, manage more products, without adding more work.

So, what's possible in this improved Shopify admin, and how is it going to make it easier to run your business?

Read on to find out.

Sign up and start selling faster

It has never been easier to get started with Shopify! We have streamlined the sign up process and added tailored guidance to get you set up to make your first sale faster.

Have a store name in mind? Great! You can add it right away — if not, no sweat, these things take time and you can add it at a later date. Just let us know what country your business is located in and use one of the available sign up methods to start building your dream business with Shopify.

Sign up and onboarding process with Shopify

Launch, pin and discover new apps faster than ever

Apps are an integral part of the day-to-day for many businesses, which is why we made some major improvements to make apps accessible from anywhere in the admin, at any time.

Firstly, we wanted apps to be easier to access and faster to launch. Now you can access your apps in a few different ways; clicking on the search bar, clicking on Apps in the sidebar or by opening the app launcher using keyboard shortcuts CMD+K / CTRL+K.

Better yet, you can now pin the embedded apps you use most often to the sidebar so they’re quickly accessible at any time, from anywhere in the admin.

Instead of spending time browsing the Shopify app store or reading multiple app reviews, you will now receive a curated list of recommended apps that are most likely to benefit your business based on your previous app installs and the apps used by businesses similar to yours.

Now the apps you're looking for and the ones you didn't know you needed are right at your fingertips! 


Additional staff permissions that make it easier to delegate

Running a business takes a village. But, it hasn’t been easy to offload and assign tasks and responsibilities to accounts that aren’t the store owner within the admin. Which is why we’ve made some massive changes to permissions that’ll make it easier to delegate high level responsibilities to your team in a meaningful and impactful way.

Starting today, 11 staff permissions that used to be exclusive to the store owner account are now assignable to your staff members. Which means that you get to reduce reliance on the store owner and give your staff the permissions they need to get their job done while maintaining complete control of your store’s privacy and security.

Now your staff can edit billing information, manage customer data, and more while using two-factor authentication (2FA) to ensure the maximum security and accountability.

New permissions in Shopify

A much faster, more reliable bulk editing tool

With the improved bulk editor tool, you can finally manage and edit more than 50 records at once, directly in Shopify. No extra apps, and no extra effort.

The bulk editor tool is an integral piece of the admin, as it touches many surfaces. From products and collections to customers and inventory, you can have the confidence you need when making changes across multiple records with a faster, and more reliable tool.

With Shopify’s improved bulk editor tool, you can spend less time editing and more time selling.

Shopify's bulk editing tool

Small improvements that have big impact

As designers Charles and Ray Eames once said, "The details aren’t the details, they’re the product."

At Shopify, we set a high standard of quality when we build or improve the products and tools that are going to help our merchants start, grow and scale their business. Like a high performance athlete, we sweat the details when developing ways to be a faster, smarter, better version of ourself.

To us, there’s nothing more important than the merchant experience, and nothing more valuable than a merchant's time. With that in mind, we made many improvements to make the Shopify admin much easier, powerful and enjoyable to use. From the way assets are uploaded on a product page, to the spacing of icons across the admin, we’ve made many discreet improvements that will most likely go unnoticed by users, but to Shopify, these contribute to a larger story—making the best merchant experience possible.

There are many of these improvements that are already in place or will be soon, but we wanted to share some that you will see in the admin today.


There’s much more happening and improving under the hood of Shopify. From product creation to navigation, we're constantly shipping updates that make the Shopify admin more powerful, easier and more intuitive to use.

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